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Going to pieces over The Game Crafter

I'm excited. I got in some game pieces today. Ones that are going to be in the box set of D4: Basic.

I'm not sure why these makes me so happy, I guess it's the solidification of seeing the game come together. Watching all the pieces work and fit together. 
So freakin' exciting.
I have to give props to The Game Crafter. I'm not planning on using their amazing looking publishing services since they don't fit what I'm trying to do completely. But I have to say after a good amount of online research their parts are very well crafted and the best prices I can find on the net. In fact after seeing  the pawns I got in today I've decided to switch out another material (glass bead) I was going to use for a slightly more expensive pawn of a different type. 
I fear the day The Game Crafter is no more.
Game on!
D4: Basic Dice and Pawns