Two Kings Games

Home of the Steel & Staves RPG is born!

Things keep getting exciting.

Two Kings Games now have their own website as well as a fancy new URL. There's not much there but check it out:

The online store is prepped and ready to go for production even. That's probably one of the most exciting things. Once production of the game is finished, in at least PDF form, we can start selling it. Heck, we can even put up some pre-orders as production gets closer and closer to being complete.
But there's still a lot to do before we're to that point. 
In the meantime keep an eye on the site because we'll be adding more and more content. There's some whispers of forums even, although that's far from a priority at this point.
Things keep chugging along and I'm sure you'll all be holding your very own box set of D4: Basic before you know it.
Game on!
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