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We're super happy to announce that Two Kings Games will be producing work, mostly in form of scenarios, from game designer Spencer Wright.

Spencer has done work with Gary Gygax and the rest of the Lejendary Adventure team before Gary's untimely and sad passing. Notably, he had a hand in Gary Gygax's The Hermit and also had a hand in Eldritch Traps for the Eldritch Roleplaying System as well as other countless contributions to the gaming industry.

There is a mutual excitement from both sides as we team up to help make D4 a reality. I'm going to take the liberty to share with a quote from Mr. Wright in regards to D4: Basic:

Wow, you are really on to something here. Congrats., Jason. This is one of the more original OSR products I have ever seen. 

and trust me Two Kings Games is just as excited to employ the help from Spencer.

Spencer is bringing some interesting things to the table. Things I can't wait to see and things that I feel will expand on the D4 mentality for the better. Due to the openness and bare-bones style the D4: Basic rule-set incorporates, there is a lot of freedom and a variety of direction a D4 scenario can take. I believe Mr. Wright will be pushing those freedoms to their limits and expanding on the franchise nicely. I'm expecting good things from Spencer's line of work, good things indeed.

Although exciting, this raises some questions on how Two Kings Games is going to handle freelance authors. I'm going to do some out loud musing with all of you so bare with me.

Nothing I say here is going to be written in stone. As things move forward we'll start officially accepting freelance work and along with that there will be terms to that employment. But until then here are some thoughts, ethos, and ideas of where I want to go with Two Kings Games.

My thoughts are that the core of any good RPG product is the author. Sure art is important as well as layout, etc. Really, even as silly as it sounds I've known people or talked to people who will shun a product solely based off of things like art and layout.

Because of this strong belief in the importance of the actual creator I want to make it where when you produce a product for Two Kings Games you feel as though you're are producing your own line of work. I want Two Kings Games to simply facilitate the outcome of that work.

I have plans on presenting items in our online store categorized by author. In other words I want our customers to fall in love with the writer and not just buy another D4 scenario. I want players to be excited about the next Jason Hurst or the next Spencer Wright release and not just our general releases as a whole.

I've also done a little (nowhere near enough at this point) research on freelance author payments for game design and what that entails. I believe I just read today that as a freelance author you can expect about 2 to 8 cents a word for your submitted work.

I have to admit at this point that I need to do more legal research before this comes to fruition but Two Kings Games wants our authors to have a stake in what they're producing, I want authors to feel that they own their own line of products. To do this I'm going to push that our authors receive a percentage of sales instead of a flat $ per word rate. In the long run I'm sure this means less profit for the overall company, but I have to say, Two Kings Games isn't about turning the highest profit, it's about producing games and that's the way it'll always be!

Game on!