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Enter Ammar Al-Chalabi

Two Kings Games has just placed a large puzzle piece into place as we bring on Dutch artist and heavy metal rocker Ammar. Bringing the D4: Basic efforts to a trio, we're excited to have the talents of this astonishing artist on our side as we push closer to production of D4. 

Next step to the release of D4: Basic? Other than finishing up some layout and getting the release scenarios complete, a kickstarter for the initial release. We're hoping that with this exciting look we'll be able to raise enough funding to be able to run a modest print run and start selling this amazing game to you all.

That reminds me, the rules are finally done! Wooo! They're in their layout and they're ready for some talented editing eyes to try and zap all those pesky typos. Ammar is going to be offering some help on some of the finishing touches on the layout as well. 

I'm going to end with a sample of one of Ammar's pieces to get your mouth watering. Enjoy!

 Dwarf Berserker

 Artwork is Copyright © by Artist Ammar Al-Chalabi and may not be copied, linked to, distributed, downloaded, modified, reused, reposited, reproduced or otherwise used without express written permission