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Treasure Card Craziness

Welcome adventurers. Welcome to the land where D4 is tip-toeing it's way into completion. First I want to rant and rave some more about Ammar our artist. He's furiously working on getting the cover the D4: Basic done. I've seen it, I've fallen in love with it and I promise you will too. I want to show it to you right here right now, so bad (oh so bad!). But I feel it would be providing you with a diservice by showing it to you this early on. Instead be patient my friends and just wait a little bit longer so we can fully knock your socks off.

Another piece of news is that we've decided to consolidate all of the books we we're going to release in the initial box set into one book. By doing this we can focus on releasing one very polished product instead of trying to scramble to get out different pieces. Also, to add to the excitement, as a bonus goal to our soon to come kickstarter we're going to shooting to do a small print run of hard back books to sell along with the soft back version and box set of the rules.

Finally, to validate the title of this post, today I've printed out, put together, and laminated my first card prototype for the game. I've been carrying this little puppy around my house and dreaming of the moment I get to lay one of these bad boys out in front a player. I'm going to post some teasing pictures I took on the fly here. As you gaze upon this greatness keep in mind two very important things:

1. This is a prototype card and far from what the finished product will look like. The final product is not completely decided on how it will be printed but it probably won't be laminated either way (as this card is) and might even end up on playing cards depending on production costs, etc.

2. The picture doesn't match the card and isn't even a final piece of art that we're using from the game. It's just a picture I threw in there. Looking back I guess it's silly that I didn't grab a picture of a ball to put in there, but oh well, what's done is done.

Prototype Treasure Card: Front

Prototype Treasure Card: Back