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The Time is Nigh

What am I thinking? I'm not sure what compelled me to start a new game in the middle of writing my first major RPG...but it feels so right!

D4: Basic (D4 for short) is going to be amazing. It's going to be something new and anyone's that played it is crazy excited, including myself. 

So how did this happen? Well fate really. D4 is basically spawned from my horrible attempts to get my children to be excited about tabletop gaming. Although one daughter is showing some interest, I at least have a game in the works that I can be really proud to have created.

The beauty is in it's simplicity. It moves away from leveling but yet still finds a way to drive players to want to succeed. It's as hard as nails, yet rewarding. A 4 year old can play it but not anyone is going to be able to master the game. 

This game is going to speak to people. It's going to appeal to the common person, yet draw in even the most hardcore gamer. 

Oh man. Everyone should be excited.

I need to get to work though. It's so hard to find quality time to work on it. Time where my mind is free to stop the whole world and focus on the game. It's not a horrible thing or anything. I love my family and I totally want to spend time with them but it still makes it hard.

It's going to happen though. It's going to be sold and it's going to be awesome.

That is all...for now.

P.S. We do have things done. We have rules and we have monsters. We have items and we have ideas and things are getting done. Things are being play tested. But there's plenty more to do and it's just not going as fast as my impatient mind wants.