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One thing we here at Two Kings Games have been doing is trying to recruit writers and artist to help get out new scenarios once we go live.

I'd like to point out one particular developer we're bringing on board by the name of William Wigg.

William, a good friend of mine, has been playing tabletop games frantically and religiously since around the year 2000. I've never seen anyone as passionate about the game than Will (well other than myself maybe). You can always count on at least a 2-3 hour discussion on gaming, the ins and outs of gaming, different games, what we played last, why we liked what we played, how it could of been better, etc etc when we get to meet up (to the disdain of our wives of course.) 

Will is one of those guys that has to or has played everything and anything he can get his hands on and is always looking for those rare games that no one's ever heard of. He's the kind of guy that wants to take a game, flip it upside down, shake it all up in a box, put it all back together, sideways, and still have it work.

Two Kings Games is going to tap into that.

I'm excited to give Will the creative license to take his scenarios to the limits of gaming. I've already seen his notes for his first scenario and I can tell you it's going to be completely different than any tabletop game you've played. (or at least I haven't seen anything like this).

Will will be taking the foundation of a traditional tabletop RPG adventure and rewrite it to a more static step-by-step structure. But it'll be more than simply that. There will be factors along the way that will decide the fate of your heroes. You'll have options and decisions to make. Options and decisions that will seal your fate or will end up being the secret to victory. All of this, with an added hint of unbudging chance to add to the chaos. 

The coolest part is that even with everything mentioned, he's staying within the walls of what is D4: Basic. Amazing.

I can already tell that as we get deeper into the woods, things are going to get more and more peculiar...

I can't wait.

Game on!