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D4: Basic hits Google Hangout

The title says it all. Starting a week from when I'm writing this post ( aka on April 20th) Two Kings Games will be running it's first scenario for D4: Basic, named Trouble in Treaton, via Google Hangout. This will be one of three original D4: Basic scenarios that you will get when you purchase the core rules.

Unfortunately the game only supports 4 players at a time. So in order to try and make it fair we're currently hosting signups on Facebook. You can sign up here (as well as see more details about the game). The first 4 gamers that sign up will get a chance to play. (You give up your slot if you're late!). Also if you don't get a chance to play we plan on running future games as well. You can check out the homepage for a feed of future gaming events. We'll also post events on our Facebook Page and Google+ Page so feel free to like/follow/stalk those as well in order to keep in the loop.

This should be a barel of fun folks. We'll be using the built in Google app Cacoo to run the game. It's pretty versatile and doesn't require any installs prior to showing up. The only thing it's missing is a dice roller. (Which we'll be rolling physical dice at home if you have them...on the honor system...). Note that I do know about the new gaming table app for Google that is in Beta. I tried it out and it has real promise. It was really hard to decide which to use, especially since the gaming table included a dice roller. But Cacoo won out because of it's ease of use and less cumbersome interface.

I can't wait to see all of you there!