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I've been trying and scrambling to familiarize myself with the art of game mapping.

I've been trying to develop is a certain style for D4: Basic maps and one thing my partner and I agree on is that we want to keep things simple. This is a double bonus as far as I'm concerned.

One, I don't have to learn the crazy in depth secrets of "professional" maps seen today in wide spread gaming books. Two, I believe a simple easy-to-use map that's clear, precise and minimizes to what it really is (a map) not only helps players have a ready tool to use but also by giving them the bare-bones necessities on the map allows players to fill in the rest of the details themselves.

In a way this allows the players to take this map and make it their own style in their own imagination in contrast to a over the top graphic image that leaves nothing for players to ponder.

I'm going to dare to post a few samples of maps I've been messing around with. Like I said above these are nothing over the top or special. But that's what we're going for folks.

Also keep in mind that these are my first few attempts so things can be viewed as pretty raw and they're not intended for production. I'm sure as I keep at it I'll come up with new ideas and new tricks to add to my maps, but until then, this is the future face of the D4: Basic map.


Grey Map 1 

Grey Map 2