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D4 Hero Guide

So, like I stated on Facebook, I've been brewing up a D4 Hero Guide. There's not much planned for this little guy yet, or where he'll fit into the D4 universe. But essentially it'll allow folks to create their own D4 Heroes.

Some key points.

  1. It's 100% point buy
  2. It doesn't change the core of D4, as in it doesn't add any more mechanics to the game.
  3. It will offer more power spell/power options for players. (Yes, this will probably include healing of some type...)
  4. These spell/power options will be left pretty vague, intentionally, in order to keep the game rules light as possible.

As of right now, the plan is to still release pre-made heroes with scenarios, and to build scenarios with intended heroes. This is done to continue to facilitate the "open and play" mentality.

As it stands the Hero Guide does not offer leveling, but can in an essence offer a way to scale the power of heroes, with hopes that we might be able to match up scenarios to a power scale.

I can really see this as an additional item, sold separately from the core rules and bundled with a booklet of tear away, blank, hero sheets. Although, I'm not sure if it will be cost effective to sell it this way, since the end document  probably won't be very long....depending on how descriptive we get with the spells/powers/items/weapons. (Although I can -so- see it as a digest item bundled with the hero sheets and a D4 pencil...maybe even a tool to help you track how many points you've spent so far! Hmmmm.)

Happy Gaming!