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What dost the future hold?

Welcome back traveler. Long time no see. Sit down and let us talk a while. A rousing conversation with an old friend is good for the heart and helps strengthen the soul. A lot has changed since we last had a chat.

Let us discuss the Hero Guide you will soon hold in your hands. Last we talked, I had passed you information that is no longer viable. The Two Kings have converged. and in their council have decided that the tome you will use to bring heroes into being will not be on a system in which you expend points.

Instead, as you will see, it will be quite the opposite! Instead, the rulings used to fabricate our lands' champions will mostly be a random affair! The decisions of the Two Kings were not taken lightly for they understand that the balance of all that is known is at stake. 

Some jongleurs might have you believe that the Kings' reason for this change is due to the process of picking and choosing the qualities of a hero might prove to be a lengthy affair, and they might be right! But I know the more fuller truth. As it is known, the Kings believe that whisking a hero into being should be viewed as part of the game itself, not a pastime to be loathed in a dark damp corner while sitting in a stuffy lonesome room. The Kings are also wise enough to realize that by leaving adventurers of the land's attributes to fate and not to overly calculated decisions will not only make the whole affair as quick as a frightened hare, but will turn every die roll into an exciting happening. 

Oh the fun that will be had as bands of freshly made heroes are pitted against a dungeon of tricks, traps, and evil wizards!

But this is not the main point I wish to convey to you this eve. Oh no, not at all.

Another decree has be declared by the Kings, in the way of heroes.

Two skills not normally ranked among those viewed as general, have been inscribed to be so.

Sense Magic & Sense Good/Evil

So do you think our Kings mad? Well that may be, but listen to their reasons before throwing such harsh judgements. Just as not every hero will be created equal, not every hero will begin with all the vast skills. One must choose what to practice and earn proficiency, for a hero can not do ALL earthly things well. So one must chose to have a heightened innate sense of deciding if magical properties are about or the extra sense of being able to determine if the being before the hero is of maligned or benevolent nature.

And even then, success is not guaranteed!

Oh, I've grown tired old friend. I must rest, for these bones are ages old and my head swims with mead. But I leave you with this. A portrait found deep within the Crypts of the Unclean. They say that not a single ounce of treasure was left in the deep crypts, the only thing found was this...

D4 Thief

 Cheers old friend.