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Map madness continues (aka Treaton is born)

Currently I'm working on the first scenario for D4: Basic (we're calling them scenarios instead of "adventures" or "modules" in D4: Basic. When you get to play the game, you'll probably understand why).

The first scenario is going to take place in a small peasant hamlet found in the lands of Baron Brin Torrell that goes by the name of Treaton . You'll be tracking down Lord Torell's "runaway" daughter and I have to tell you my friends, time will be of the essence.

Right now I just got done pumping out my second attempt of the map for the scenario. I'm feeling saucy so I'm going to post the map for comments, ideas, suggestions, etc.

(At the time of writing this I notice that a compass would look nice on the bottom right. I'll have to remember to add that in...)


Hamlet of Treaton