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The story of Treaton continues

I have to admit I was getting a little nervous last night as I sat down with my wife to continue to work on the first adventure (which still needs a title by the way!) for D4: Basic.

I ran into 2 little problems.

The first was almost what most would call writer's block. I just couldn't concentrate. I really don't know if I 100% believe in writer's block. I have a feeling that it mostly stems from starting an idea that you don't really strongly believe in mixed with not really wanting to perform the writing task at hand.

But needless to say I was having one heck of a time concentrating on what to fill building 5 with on the adventure. What really happened though was that I came up with an idea but didn't like it all that much. It was "ok" but it wasn't enough to make me happy. It wasn't "amazing" per se and that was frustrating to me. So I had to step away from it all together.

I hated doing that though. My time is very precious and if I want to finish this game in any kind of time that matters I can't really waste any free time I get to work on it.

But this morning I was elated! As I stood in the shower getting ready for my real job (the one that ensures that my family doesn't starve) it hit me out of nowhere. Somwhere swimming in my half asleep mind a great idea for area 5 came swimming to the surface and the ideas started flowing again like a water hose.

After that I've been working on the adventure again steadily and things are getting to the last building (which will be the easiest building to fill considering that's where the plot unfolds).

Now I know I mentioned 2 problems.

The second problem that slapped me across the face last night was that I couldn't stem my hyper active imagination. Well that part, and which ever part of the brain feeds the other parts of the brain that impulses it to be as logical as possible. That one was on full blast as well.

I know that seems to contradict the first problem but hear me out. As I'm writing my first D4: Basic scenario I've come to realize that when I write and adventure for a tabletop game I don't just write an adventure but I naturally want to create a universe! Every item I drop I need a name, to get a name I need a reason for that name. In order to get that reason I need a story! To make that story I need characters of that story!

I was about half way into creating a whole orc god pantheon when I had to slam on the brakes and ask myself "What in the heck am I doing? This is D4!".

Although I find all that stuff exciting and it I have to fight myself to try and stop that part of my brain from taking over my thought process, D4 is designed not to be that in depth. D4: Basic isn't meant to be anyway. So now that I've been weaving a web of danger for the players of our first adventure I've been meeting my imagination half way. Although I've been putting in ideas and hints of gods, goddesses, legendary items, and wonderful back-stories, I'm at this point, stemming myself from embellishing too much on that part of the game and keeping focus on making a fun adventure.

I have to leave something for Steel & Staves after all, don't I?

I can't leave this post with at least one thing concrete, right? Something that's not just mindless rambling but instead shows some exciting progress? Well if you have to have, here's this. Here's a sketch I did of the door of goddess Lialin's temple found in the hamlet of Treaton. Enjoy.

Door the the temple of Lialin. Found in the Hamlet of Treaton