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Met 2 more successes last night as far as D4: Basic is concerned.

I got a chance to play-test the first scenario I'm writing for D4 with a group of people who really don't hate TTRPGs but really have no real opinion on the gaming genre (or gaming in general at all).

I took these 4 unlikely, unknowingly new, gamers into the deadly town of Treaton. Result? Success!

From the seat of doomEvery player admitted that they really enjoyed the game. The magic is in it's simplicity. All players sat down and started playing. No reading, no in depth explaining. Just fun.

The scenario went perfectly and in my opinion was perfect in regards to how challenging it was. The whole scenario took maybe an hour and a half and 2 out of 4 players made it out alive. They didn't quite meet all the objectives but they did stop the infamous witch with their lives intact.

I really hadn't had time to add up the total points that players could earn in the scenario, but with a rough estimate of 50, they earned about 15. In other words there was a lot more they could of done better or more things they could of found but they made it through and had a ton of fun and at the end of the day that's what matters.

So, I did say earlier in this post that I had 2 successes and that's true. I hadn't mentioned above that everyone playing was either drinking or drunk at the time. That's including me, the Referee.Check out that awesome Lejendary Adventure LM screen

Now, I've GM'd my fair share of games and gaming systems and sometimes it works (drinking while playing) but a lot of the time I run out of gas while trying to GM. It takes a lot of brain power to GM in my opinion. Math, creativity, narrative, role-playing, descriptions - all of which having to happen on a whim.

But with D4 it didn't even phase me. Again, the simplicity of the game shone through as the mechanics flowed flawlessly. The only thing I had to concentrate on as the Referee was to narrate, read, and focus on what was going on in-game instead of worrying about what was going on, on the table.

We plan to bring the New Years in with the second D4 adventure which I started today. A lot of it is going to be improvised but I'm not worried, it's D4 after all.

Note: Just because I started the second adventure this doesn't mean that the first is done yet. It's getting there and I should be done shortly, but we need something new to play tonight and I don't see how I can ignore the call of my newest fans.