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I've been trying to find any time I can to work on these scenarios for D4: Basic. I have to say that writing D4 scenarios are some of the most fun to create. It might be hard to explain why without giving away too much but I'm still going to try anyway.

By design D4: Basic is played one scenario at a time, much like a board game. You open the box. Get out the pieces. Pick you characters and then just start playing (in fact I don't think I've ever had the rule book at the table once so far). Once play is over, it's done.

What does this allow you to do? A lot. But I'll cover only a few things here.

First, it let's you be as brutal as you want to be. There's no life long attachment to these characters so killing them is no big deal at all to even the most sensitive non-gamer alive. They're characters are not going to miss out on anything since when the scenario is done, it's done.

I understand that this might seem like a bad thing to some people and that some folks might even say "hey, if you don't care about your character, then what will make you strive to want to survive."

Well what I say to those people are what makes you want to keep playing Monopoly or Sorry! or Risk or any other game. To win!

Now I'm not saying D4 is going to be competitive in regards to players competing against each other. It's competitive due to the fact that it's a grit iron gauntlet of pain to get through. You're going to feel like a god among men if you actually succeed one of these bad boys.

Let's just say that I've been play testing my first and second scenario for the initial release of the game and I have yet to have all 4 characters make it to the end and I have yet to have a group completely succeed the scenario. I don't know about you other gamers out there but this gets my juices going. To me this speaks back to the golden age of Nintendo where you can strut down the street waving your tail feathers that you actually beat a game like the original Megaman. Not everyone in the universe can say this.

It also adds a level of replayability to the game. Players will (I'm hoping anyway) will want to dive into the scenario again after finding out that they might have only experienced half of what they could or that there might be a better way to beat the scenario. They can do this over and over without having any down time to have to do character gen.

I've seen the look of desire in the eyes of my players that I haven't seen since I was in junior high school when playing D4: Basic and this how I know that I'm creating something worthwhile.

Game on, friends, game on