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Now with King Con 2013 over and done with, it's time to focus more on D4: Basic. To be quite honest, a lot has changed with D4 since it's creation.(soooo… if you've downloaded the quick start and tried it, it might be a tad bit outdated, although it still captures the essence of what we're trying to accomplish). Just to list a few things, D4 is now completely based on the 4-sided die, no other die denominations are needed any longer. I've also revamped how dungeons work with D4, they're not so…straight forward... any longer. I'll try and have a new quick start that shows off some of the new concepts as soon as I have time...

and speaking of time, where does it all go? I seem to be always in need of more. This is even more true now that I've dedicated myself to bring D4: Basic to the SCARAB Gaming Convention this January. I was really hoping to that I was going to be able to run a few D4 games at King Con, but who am I kidding? Who has time to play games, or even prepare games, for their own convention?

So I've done a lot of work today to try and organize my D4 efforts and get myself on a timeline. I've installed Mavenlink on the Two Kings Google Business Apps and I went to town creating and assigning tasks to myself, Ammar and Ashton (my wife). I'm hoping this will keep my motivated and on task, because brother, January is right around the corner and there's soooo much to do still to get this game to demo level (now, some of you that have been following this for a while might think to themselves "wait, weren't you really close to being finished with D4 already?"…I was, but really with the changes I listed above the game went over a major overhaul, for the better. The game stands more on its own now and I really think the direction the game is moving will really allow it to shine.)

So here I am, tweaking the D4 monsters while trying to blast through season 7 of Doctor Who (so the whole fam can go watch the Day of the Doctor in the theaters together). The monsters, I gotta say, are really starting to get interesting. I've added in "triggers" for their special powers. These triggers add a strange almost CCG element to the game. These monsters start to feel like Magic: The Gathering cards, but ones that have fallen into an RPG so you can use your wits and teamwork to take them down. 

Game on!