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Teetering on an edge

Here I am.

I'm probably less than a couple of months away from having a real good prototype in my hands.

I definitely have more then enough to be able to run multiple D4: Basic games.

I know I have something great on my hands.

Gary Con is right around the corner.

I feel like I'm on an edge of a cliff.

Looking down below I see a wide crazy chasm of uncertainty and I can feel a both fear and excitement welling up in my throat.

Looking backwards I see the safe level plain I've been traveling on for the last 30 years of my life.

I'm convinced that there must some point in a game designer's life where he or she has to decide to take that step and throw themselves fully into it all.

Now, I know that someone doesn't have to do this in order have at least some level of success. But I suppose the decision that needs to be made what level do you want to strive for? And if this level is strived for will it be worth it in the end?

Can I picture myself in that role of the struggling game designer/publisher? I would love it! But right now my life wouldn't be to handle such a huge change. Three kids and a wife to take care of and my income keeping it all afloat.

Now, with that said, how well can I walk that line, the edge of the cliff, without either running away from it screaming or accidentally falling off the other side?

I feel this huge pull to make it to Gary Con this year and try and get a round of D4: Basic going in order to show it off. To attend it'll cost me roughly $500-$600 and that includes staying with a friend. That's not to mention using hard earned vacation time that should probably go toward to more family oriented affairs.

When bringing this up I usually get the answer: "Get your whole family involved!"

Not as easy or cheap as it sounds.

Can I get things shaking and moving and stay part time forever?

I guess only time will tell.

Quick update: Spent some time tonight revamping my rough draft of the rules for D4: Basic. The hardest part of it all so far? Answering "What is a Roleplaying game?"

I think I'm going to share that answer with all of you. Enjoy.

 What is a Roleplaying Game? 

There is no one way to define a roleplaying game.  Since the creation of the genre and the entire length of it’s lifespan the label ‘roleplaying game’ has been molded, messaged, switched, changed, used, abused, flipped inside out, turned upside down, analyzed, dissected, defined, re-defined, redone, mutated, shifted, discussed, argued over, and most of all loved by millions to even billions of fans in one medium or another. 

Even with all these modifications and changes the true essence of the roleplaying game has always been the same. A synergistic and imaginative way to share, not only a good time with friends, family and strangers alike, but also warmly pit your intellect, wit, and even luck against offered happenings. A cooperative game of going against set odds and matching the player’s mental skill with dangers offered by the creator. 

Among these writings you’ll find another set rules needed to play this particular blend of cooperative roleplaying game. Ones we hope you’ll enjoy for a long time to come.