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Now, THIS is D4! - Thanks to the Game Hermit

Everyone here at Two Kings Games has spent the last 3 hours of their life watching and excitedly chatting back and forth, like the bunch of gaming nerds we are, over something really exciting shown to us by a fellow D4: Basic enthusiast.   Jack Berberette, better know as the Game Hermit, after getting his hands on the D4: Basic beta set,  Referee'd the introduction module--Trouble in Treaton-- with his local gaming group. But he didn't stop there...

As to help promote D4: Basic, he taped the whole session! Not only that, he taped his intro to the game (which I have to say, explains the game to a T) and then follows up the session with a feedback interview with his players.

I can't imagine a better way to relay to everyone what this game is about, how it works, and show the amount of fun a group can have with the system. I personally watched all 4 videos from beginning to end and I didn't stop being entertained the whole time.

Kudos to Jack's group at completing the scenario! (something only 2 other groups alive can claim, since the birth of the scenario).

I have to say that you would be hard pressed to find anything else that fully explains, shows, exemplifies and relates to the viewer exactly what D4: Basic is and what it's all about.

Cheers to Tyler, Sorena, Kat, Pete and of course Jack for a game well played!

Below you'll find the intro video, explaining the game, but I strongly suggest watching the whole series. Not only does it help explain the game, but it is highly entertaining. You can find the whole video series here.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Game on!


 NOTE: The videos showing the game session include major spoilers, so if you plan on being a player running through the Trouble in Treaton scenario, you might want to skip over the game-play videos.

Games, Games and Games

Evenin' adventurers. I see you are weary from your travels to the small hamlet named Treaton. Sit down, sit down, tell us your tale. What horrors were lying in wait for you as you entered the abandoned peasant town? What evils were hiding in the shadows behind the small homes of the missing townsfolk?

The first wave of the D4: Basic Beta invites have been sent and it's only a matter of time before the vileness that awaits your group of unsuspecting gamers comes crashing down onto their fragile heroes...and we want to hear about it!

Tell us about your first experiences with D4: Basic and the Trouble in Treaton scenario. Better yet! Even tell us about any homebrew scenarios you might have pushed your friends through. You can brag about your session on our forums here.

You can share on our Facebook or Google+ page as well!

If you look below you'll see a, much requested, "short" snippet of the first online Trouble of Treaton game. The video starts at the last battle that took out the players. Hopefully this will give you an idea of how the game is designed to be ran.


D4: Basic hits Google Hangout

The title says it all. Starting a week from when I'm writing this post ( aka on April 20th) Two Kings Games will be running it's first scenario for D4: Basic, named Trouble in Treaton, via Google Hangout. This will be one of three original D4: Basic scenarios that you will get when you purchase the core rules.

Unfortunately the game only supports 4 players at a time. So in order to try and make it fair we're currently hosting signups on Facebook. You can sign up here (as well as see more details about the game). The first 4 gamers that sign up will get a chance to play. (You give up your slot if you're late!). Also if you don't get a chance to play we plan on running future games as well. You can check out the homepage for a feed of future gaming events. We'll also post events on our Facebook Page and Google+ Page so feel free to like/follow/stalk those as well in order to keep in the loop.

This should be a barel of fun folks. We'll be using the built in Google app Cacoo to run the game. It's pretty versatile and doesn't require any installs prior to showing up. The only thing it's missing is a dice roller. (Which we'll be rolling physical dice at home if you have them...on the honor system...). Note that I do know about the new gaming table app for Google that is in Beta. I tried it out and it has real promise. It was really hard to decide which to use, especially since the gaming table included a dice roller. But Cacoo won out because of it's ease of use and less cumbersome interface.

I can't wait to see all of you there!



One thing we here at Two Kings Games have been doing is trying to recruit writers and artist to help get out new scenarios once we go live.

I'd like to point out one particular developer we're bringing on board by the name of William Wigg.

William, a good friend of mine, has been playing tabletop games frantically and religiously since around the year 2000. I've never seen anyone as passionate about the game than Will (well other than myself maybe). You can always count on at least a 2-3 hour discussion on gaming, the ins and outs of gaming, different games, what we played last, why we liked what we played, how it could of been better, etc etc when we get to meet up (to the disdain of our wives of course.) 

Will is one of those guys that has to or has played everything and anything he can get his hands on and is always looking for those rare games that no one's ever heard of. He's the kind of guy that wants to take a game, flip it upside down, shake it all up in a box, put it all back together, sideways, and still have it work.

Two Kings Games is going to tap into that.

I'm excited to give Will the creative license to take his scenarios to the limits of gaming. I've already seen his notes for his first scenario and I can tell you it's going to be completely different than any tabletop game you've played. (or at least I haven't seen anything like this).

Will will be taking the foundation of a traditional tabletop RPG adventure and rewrite it to a more static step-by-step structure. But it'll be more than simply that. There will be factors along the way that will decide the fate of your heroes. You'll have options and decisions to make. Options and decisions that will seal your fate or will end up being the secret to victory. All of this, with an added hint of unbudging chance to add to the chaos. 

The coolest part is that even with everything mentioned, he's staying within the walls of what is D4: Basic. Amazing.

I can already tell that as we get deeper into the woods, things are going to get more and more peculiar...

I can't wait.

Game on!